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Need help choosing a font to my header!

2007-08-31 07:16:42 by ninjitsuwarrior

I made a new header, but i think the font is ugly.
I searched other font's and stuff but i couldn't find a real one.
Do you guys know a good one?


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2007-08-31 07:23:57

I use jokerman when i need something fancy

ninjitsuwarrior responds:

Thanks but i don't really like that font, especially not for the header!


2007-08-31 08:47:29

Tekuteku, the NG font.

ninjitsuwarrior responds:

Awesome, thanks!


2007-09-01 08:28:54

Remove the text, send me the pic. I'll make that header sing.


2007-11-06 19:47:13

hey hey.
arial black is my favorite font to use. but if you don't like it, you can always download a font pack off the intranett. do you have a mac or a PC?


2008-02-24 05:25:55

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2008-03-04 18:09:11

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2008-03-25 17:48:21

How long have u been 5'ing Ng: Colors?


2008-08-02 15:14:10

Its probably not a problem or anything, and you probably dont give shit,
(neither would i if some one told me something like that about something else)
But its Ninjutsu, thats the most common mistake about the art.
Anyhow cool banner!


2012-09-05 13:40:07

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